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Daniel Knopfhart - Artist of Abstract Expressionism and Action Paintings

Born on May 1, 1998, in Lilienfeld, Austria, Daniel Knopfhart discovered in art a powerful means of expressing his innermost emotions and thoughts. Shaped by severe depression and suicidal ideation, he found in painting a transformative force that helped him find his path.

His works stand as impressive testimonies to this journey. Through abstract expressionism and action painting, Daniel Knopfhart translates his deepest feelings into powerful colors and dynamic forms. Each painting is a window into his soul, an invitation to explore the complexity of human emotions together.

However, his art extends beyond this. At times, he delves into upcycling and creates sculptures, columns, masks, and other unique objects. This versatility reflects his passion for exploring the boundaries of creative expression.

Through his art, Daniel Knopfhart aims to encourage others and show them that they are not alone. His works are a living testament that there is hope and healing even in life's darkest moments.

"Daniel Knopfhart bei einer Ausstellung, im Hintergrund ein beeindruckendes abstraktes Kunstwerk des Künstlers. Daniel Knopfhart präsentiert stolz seine Werke vor einem Publikum, das von den kraftvollen Farben und dynamischen Formen fasziniert ist."

So says Heinz Trutschnig (

"With his young age, he processes feelings and moods that concern him in a fantastic form of expression, which also signify liberation from depression and a new beginning for him. Back in life but also teetering on the edge again, his works reflect this and relentlessly prompt contemplation.

To do this, to re-anchor oneself in life in a painterly form and to present it to the public, not only requires courage but also confirms his incredible creativity."

"Daniel Knopfhart in Gesellschaft des renommierten Künstlers Heinz Trutschnig während ihrer gemeinsamen Ausstellung. Die beiden Künstler stehen vor einem beeindruckenden Hintergrund aus abstrakter Kunst, das die kreative Atmosphäre der Veranstaltung unterstreicht."
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