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Welcome to the fascinating art world of Daniel Knopfhart! Explore the exclusive collection of three unique designs available on black or white-dyed bamboo t-shirts. Each design tells an individual story through artistic representations. These limited shirts are available upon request, combining sustainability with individual style. Wear art that accentuates your personality—a story you can proudly carry on six different shirts.

Unique bamboo shirts featuring two fascinating designs crafted by Heinz Trutschnig. Explore the artistic fusion on high-quality fabric! Each shirt showcases an individual design, perfect for art and style enthusiasts alike. Two designs, one shirt – an absolute must-have!

Excited about our unique designs? Find the perfect fit using our size chart and get your very own piece of art for only €35, including shipping! Contact us via social media or email to place your order and wear your personalized art story. I look forward to hearing from you!

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