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Welcome to the fascinating world of upcycling where forgotten objects and materials are revived, telling a story of creativity. I am Daniel Knopfhart, a passionate abstract artist and upcycler.


Floor Lamp:

The 235cm tall floor lamp crafted from driftwood seamlessly blends nature and technology in a unique manner. Four freely hanging Philips Hue bulbs, controllable via app, offer customizable colors and brightness. The lamp comes with Philips Hue lights and the bridge. Adorned skillfully with artificial moss, it rests upon an old steel rim filled with river stones. Equipped with a 230V plug and a footswitch, it's perfect for creating a stylish ambiance with a natural touch.

Price: €400


Pendant Light:


The pendant light crafted from driftwood harmonizes nature with modern technology. Featuring five Philips Hue lights—three of them adorned with charming kitchen sieves as shades—it offers adjustable, dimmable lighting ranging from cool to warm white. Adorned with Icelandic moss at the top and artificial plants on a decorative chain, this light fixture creates an enchanting ambiance. Easy to assemble, it stylishly hangs from the ceiling, adding natural charm to any room.


Price: €350 with bulbs / €300 without bulbs


Table Lamp:

Small yet full of charm, this 35cm tall table lamp radiates personality. Originally defective, it has been lovingly repaired and now shines in a new light. Equipped with a simple on/off switch, this lampshade has a unique touch—it's made from an old vinyl record. This petite lamp is a striking statement piece, adding a hint of nostalgic flair to any room.


Price: €65


Side Table / Plant Stand:

This unique side table/plant stand is the product of recycling and creativity. Crafted from two old discarded skateboards, this approximately 50cm high piece of furniture came to life. One skateboard received a new surface while the other was cut and repurposed for the table's legs.

The blend of rusticity and modernity makes this furniture piece an eye-catcher. This exceptional fusion of past skateboard nostalgia and contemporary design creates a striking and functional table or plant stand that not only serves a practical purpose but also enriches your spaces with its distinct aesthetics.

Price: €55

Are you in search of bespoke artworks or unique upcycled furniture to enrich your space? I am thrilled to bring your visions to creative reality!

Whether it's custom-made artworks, one-of-a-kind furniture, or other artistic projects, I am prepared to breathe life into your ideas. Simply reach out to me via email, through my social media channels, or give me a call.

I am open to new challenges and am at your service to discuss and bring to fruition personalized commissions. Let's explore creative avenues together and turn your visions into reality!

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